I have been trying to get a decent pic of the little goldcrest that visits next door’s garden ever since I got my new camera. They are never still!

Despite seeing three at once during the summer, two adults and an adorable juvenile without the yellow stripe, today’s is the best photo I have managed.

Not giving up!

P1130206 - Copy



Work in progress

It’s been a while since I’ve done enough drawing to make my hand ache. As this piece is taking me so long, I thought I’d take a picture of my work in progress.

Orcas feeding. Probably got another 6-7 hours work to go but I’m pleased so far.



Sometimes it’s dead easy to choose the best part of a day.

Peregrine falcon looking fluffy and commanding the scene. After a few minutes the gulls clocked it and started to mob driving it away. Fabulous.



A baby moorhen? In November? Apparently it’s not the latest record in London but it’s still unusual. I was told to look out for possible very late broods of mallards as well.

I am making progress on my large orca drawing, currently working on the background but it’s taking me three hours to do each block and there’s two more still to go so it’ll be a while before it’s finished. Need to take a work in progress shot but every time I remember it’s too dark, maybe tomorrow…


I have been working really hard on editing my novel. Lots of hours being poured in and a lot of the rest of the time I have been sick which means I haven’t drawn and I have taken precious few photos.

I am planning on working on a big orca drawing in the near future and I am hoping to start work on a new novel once the bulk of the editing is done for the last one so there’s lots in the pipeline.

But for now, I have some pictures of this incredible beauty. More creative content coming soon!



Deep sea octopus

Today is not a good day, plans have been cancelled, lots of painkillers taken. Trying not to get too doom and gloom about it all and step one is remembering the productive things I’ve done throughout the rest of the week including drawing this little octopus.

I have a lot on over the next few weeks but I’m hoping to be able to draw a few more little creatures rather than attempting anything on a larger scale.



My biggest, most ambitious and most challenging commission to date. I absolutely loved creating this, the hours just melted away.

I am really proud and pleased with the finished article, and I hope it summons that summer spirit of circling, screaming swifts.

It has now gone to its new home, I hope it makes the owner happy and brings some sunshine into every day.