Fungi foray

I know nothing about fungi. Nothing. I don’t even like mushrooms as a food. So it’s about time I tried to do something about my woeful lack of knowledge.

A two hour fungal foray later and I can name these species at least. Will I remember them the next time I see them? I really, really hope so!

Also, I finished my commission last night and I am so pleased with it. I will not be posting any pics until the recipient has received it and given me the go ahead but I cannot wait to share it, hopefully very soon.



When there is so much that is difficult, painful, heartbreaking, it’s important to cherish the peaceful, beautiful moments.

I don’t have the energy to draw tonight but before I could get sucked into a spiral of blaming myself for not being creative enough or resenting the fact that my body and mind are just plain tired, I remembered seeing these beauties earlier in the day. A timely reminder of a perfect peaceful moment.



Autumn in the city

My mourning for summer is over, my love of autumn in full swing. The trees are really starting to show their colours now and bright sunshine feels like a rare gift.

Today has been grey and pretty moody, a big contrast to yesterday’s warm blue sky, but I love that just after rain feeling when all the leaves are dripping and you’re snug in your coat. Glorious.

Been making good progress on my commission too but I have promised not to post any shots of it until completion.

Heron Study

I have been feeling very ill for the last few weeks. Some days are better than others but today it feels like I’m being storm tossed.

I made myself go outside at lunch thinking it would help, and though I didn’t feel any better I did find a quiet spot with five fishing herons all reflected in mirror calm water.

If anyone else out there is feeling rough, I hope you find your own quiet pocket of peace.


Today, I had a wonderful wild encounter.

Today, a kestrel landed very close to me (and a friend).

Today, a kestrel flew towards me from its perch at the top of a tree, talons outstretched, too hungry and inexperienced to be scared of the two humans watching in awe.

Today, I felt joy.



I’ve been reading an amazing book called “The Hidden Life of Trees” by Peter Wohlleben. The way they communicate, share, learn, and shape their forest home.

It makes a walk in a woodland all the more fascinating to know some of the drama being played out on a time scale that’s hard for us to comprehend.