Blissed out

I hope we can all experience the same level of chilled out bliss as this beautiful lizard.




It’s no secret that I am captivated by butterflies and fritillaries are my favourites. A friend very excitedly told me that she’d had a lovely hour with some recently and I thought I would celebrate our mutual joy by painting her something.

Good colour practice for me and I’m pretty pleased with the result.


The trouble with free newspapers

I made the mistake of reading an article

on congestion getting worse by road and rail and air.

The article did not go so far as to say too many people

but that’s the point, isn’t it?


The article was quick to disappear along with my breath,

lungs tighter and tighter on my own, not so crowded, train.


Then I saw a suited man, all ironed pin stripes and neat hair.

As he moved through the carriage, a flash of pink

caught my eye, bright socks in the gloom of a grey morning.

I smiled and the panic retreated just enough.


All is not as certain as some would have you believe.

Summer holiday

In between the rain showers of the past week, there has been plenty of time to explore various green spaces and nature reserves. I have been mostly hunting for butterflies, as the time for enjoying them grows ever shorter, but there have been plenty of other delights from the tinkling chatter of goldfinches to an incredible close encounter with a swallow and her young.

These are my best bird photos from the past week. Time to get back to enjoying things closer to home (and watching the rain).