I have been working really hard on editing my novel. Lots of hours being poured in and a lot of the rest of the time I have been sick which means I haven’t drawn and I have taken precious few photos.

I am planning on working on a big orca drawing in the near future and I am hoping to start work on a new novel once the bulk of the editing is done for the last one so there’s lots in the pipeline.

But for now, I have some pictures of this incredible beauty. More creative content coming soon!




The trouble with free newspapers

I made the mistake of reading an article

on congestion getting worse by road and rail and air.

The article did not go so far as to say too many people

but that’s the point, isn’t it?


The article was quick to disappear along with my breath,

lungs tighter and tighter on my own, not so crowded, train.


Then I saw a suited man, all ironed pin stripes and neat hair.

As he moved through the carriage, a flash of pink

caught my eye, bright socks in the gloom of a grey morning.

I smiled and the panic retreated just enough.


All is not as certain as some would have you believe.