A week in birds

Best bird encounters of the week:

  • Pair of peregrines flying right over my head two days in a row
  • Spotting a kestrel using a lamppost as a viewing point
  • Lapwings flying against a bright blue sky
  • Best ever view of a snipe

Photos of the last two!



I’ve been reading an amazing book called “The Hidden Life of Trees” by Peter Wohlleben. The way they communicate, share, learn, and shape their forest home.

It makes a walk in a woodland all the more fascinating to know some of the drama being played out on a time scale that’s hard for us to comprehend.



After spending the whole evening working in an effort to make sure I get everything I need to do finished by the end of the week, I realise how lucky I am that this is a rare occurrence.

To anyone struggling with their work/life balance, I wish you so much calm. And I hope that things will not always be so hard for you.



I haven’t had much energy for drawing, painting and writing recently. As always, a lack of creativity has bled my days of joy. So I needed to find something I could do which would not demand too much of me.

This is the result.

I’m really pleased with these and hoping to make more to celebrate a very happy family occasion in a few months time.