Summer holiday

In between the rain showers of the past week, there has been plenty of time to explore various green spaces and nature reserves. I have been mostly hunting for butterflies, as the time for enjoying them grows ever shorter, but there have been plenty of other delights from the tinkling chatter of goldfinches to an incredible close encounter with a swallow and her young.

These are my best bird photos from the past week. Time to get back to enjoying things closer to home (and watching the rain).


This young robin, just getting its red breast feathers, was so curious as I counted butterflies today for the Big Butterfly Count (anyone in the UK, get involved!). It sat looking at me the whole time, super curious, on a branch that I could have reached up to touch.

Who knows what the robin took away from the experience but I have been reliving the encounter all day.

(also, I need to find time to draw again but getting out while the sun is shining has seemed so much more important)



All about insects

Demoiselles (is there a more beautiful name for a group of insects?), butterflies and all manner of other pollinators were out in the morning sun.

Insects are so underappreciated. We would be nothing without them and they are so incredibly beautiful.

Making the most of summer

We’re passed the longest day and the bright green explosion of new summer is browning around the edges.

I know I can’t make these beautiful days last longer but I’ve been feeling an extra strong impulse to make the most of new life and all its beauty while it’s still here.

Soon enough I’ll have seen my last duckling of the year and I won’t even realise until it’s happened.




After spending the whole evening working in an effort to make sure I get everything I need to do finished by the end of the week, I realise how lucky I am that this is a rare occurrence.

To anyone struggling with their work/life balance, I wish you so much calm. And I hope that things will not always be so hard for you.



I am reading Meadlowland by John Lewis-Stempel. It is prose poetry beautiful.

“Eternity would not be long enough if it was composed of English summer eves like this.”

Substitute the word ‘eves’ for days and that’s exactly how I feel today. A perfect summer day exploring one of my favourite local spots.