My first ever redpoll!

What a view, and a what a truly stunning little bird.



After a tip off, I decided to go on an unfamiliar riverside walk. Fifteen minutes in and there was a flash of blue. My son and I followed it to find a kingfisher perched on a delicate branch. We watched it for a few minutes and then off it flew.

Absolutely delighted to get such a good view and managing to snap a photo was icing on the cake.


Fungi again

It’s been a while since I went on a fungi foray. This one, admittedly, was accidental but it produced some beauties.

I only remember one of the names (turkey tail!). Must get better at learning and remembering the species I see regularly.

Real cold

It has been so long since it’s been properly cold in December in London but within the last week we’ve had ice, frozen ponds and actual snow. Yesterday, I found real icicles!

It may be challenging but I love the cold.

Cold December


I have been trying to get a decent pic of the little goldcrest that visits next door’s garden ever since I got my new camera. They are never still!

Despite seeing three at once during the summer, two adults and an adorable juvenile without the yellow stripe, today’s is the best photo I have managed.

Not giving up!

P1130206 - Copy



Sometimes it’s dead easy to choose the best part of a day.

Peregrine falcon looking fluffy and commanding the scene. After a few minutes the gulls clocked it and started to mob driving it away. Fabulous.