It’s no secret that I am captivated by butterflies and fritillaries are my favourites. A friend very excitedly told me that she’d had a lovely hour with some recently and I thought I would celebrate our mutual joy by painting her something.

Good colour practice for me and I’m pretty pleased with the result.



As often happens when I haven’t drawn for a while, my treacherous brain starts to convince me that I can’t, maybe I never could and certainly will never do so again. All lies designed to minimise the pain of disappointment if I take pen to paper and I fail.

This time, before the doubting could paralyse me completely, I reached out to my loving friends and asked them to push me back to the place of quiet courage from which all creativity is born.

Over the next few nights I was able to draw these.



I have always wanted one of those cute little sketchbooks full of lovely doodles and practice drawings but perfectionism always got in the way. Well, no more!

I bought a little sketchbook from an art shop a few months ago (I thought a small one with few pages would be a less intimidating way to start) and it’s slowly filling up. I drew this addition over the weekend.

It’s been a great way to encourage me to draw when I know I don’t have the time or the energy for a really detailed or time consuming piece. My hope is that it will encourage me to find more time for art, even if it’s not the big pen and ink pieces I would ideally love to be creating.



At last, time to draw! I was very nervous about putting colour to this as I really liked how it looked in black and white but you can’t do justice to a quetzal without committing to the green, blue and red.

Very happy with my new black pens, they certainly are waterproof. Absolutely no running when I applied the watercolour.

Must look at a better way of photographing the finished product – wasn’t enough good light this afternoon to do better than this phone shot.


Tattoos and Time

I have not had much time to draw lately, partly because I have been finishing and editing my latest novel, and also because I had a week off to enjoy family and the beauty of spring.

Below is the first drawing I’ve done in weeks, the first draft of a commissioned tattoo design. I am looking forward to modifying it based on the requested alterations (maybe tonight?).

I am also reading through my now finished novel (yet to be titled) and editing as I go. Hoping to get some drafts shipped out to trusted family and friends very soon. Will be looking to create a design for the cover as well, got a few ideas and I’m excited to see whether I can pull them off.

Paper crane NL