Work in progress

It’s been a while since I’ve done enough drawing to make my hand ache. As this piece is taking me so long, I thought I’d take a picture of my work in progress.

Orcas feeding. Probably got another 6-7 hours work to go but I’m pleased so far.



Deep sea octopus

Today is not a good day, plans have been cancelled, lots of painkillers taken. Trying not to get too doom and gloom about it all and step one is remembering the productive things I’ve done throughout the rest of the week including drawing this little octopus.

I have a lot on over the next few weeks but I’m hoping to be able to draw a few more little creatures rather than attempting anything on a larger scale.



My biggest, most ambitious and most challenging commission to date. I absolutely loved creating this, the hours just melted away.

I am really proud and pleased with the finished article, and I hope it summons that summer spirit of circling, screaming swifts.

It has now gone to its new home, I hope it makes the owner happy and brings some sunshine into every day.



It’s no secret that I am captivated by butterflies and fritillaries are my favourites. A friend very excitedly told me that she’d had a lovely hour with some recently and I thought I would celebrate our mutual joy by painting her something.

Good colour practice for me and I’m pretty pleased with the result.



As often happens when I haven’t drawn for a while, my treacherous brain starts to convince me that I can’t, maybe I never could and certainly will never do so again. All lies designed to minimise the pain of disappointment if I take pen to paper and I fail.

This time, before the doubting could paralyse me completely, I reached out to my loving friends and asked them to push me back to the place of quiet courage from which all creativity is born.

Over the next few nights I was able to draw these.



I have always wanted one of those cute little sketchbooks full of lovely doodles and practice drawings but perfectionism always got in the way. Well, no more!

I bought a little sketchbook from an art shop a few months ago (I thought a small one with few pages would be a less intimidating way to start) and it’s slowly filling up. I drew this addition over the weekend.

It’s been a great way to encourage me to draw when I know I don’t have the time or the energy for a really detailed or time consuming piece. My hope is that it will encourage me to find more time for art, even if it’s not the big pen and ink pieces I would ideally love to be creating.



At last, time to draw! I was very nervous about putting colour to this as I really liked how it looked in black and white but you can’t do justice to a quetzal without committing to the green, blue and red.

Very happy with my new black pens, they certainly are waterproof. Absolutely no running when I applied the watercolour.

Must look at a better way of photographing the finished product – wasn’t enough good light this afternoon to do better than this phone shot.