After spending the whole evening working in an effort to make sure I get everything I need to do finished by the end of the week, I realise how lucky I am that this is a rare occurrence.

To anyone struggling with their work/life balance, I wish you so much calm. And I hope that things will not always be so hard for you.




I am reading Meadlowland by John Lewis-Stempel. It is prose poetry beautiful.

“Eternity would not be long enough if it was composed of English summer eves like this.”

Substitute the word ‘eves’ for days and that’s exactly how I feel today. A perfect summer day exploring one of my favourite local spots.



For this year’s #30dayswild challenge (thank you, Wildlife Trusts!), I have been trying to to spend time in different places and see things I would not normally see. Incorporating wildness into my life is never the challenge, it’s remembering to go that extra step, stay out that little bit later, make an effort to plan and give myself the best chance of seeing something new.

So far in June, the highlights of this challenge have been:

Spotting a water vole for the first time in over a year.

Taking some colleagues lizard spotting and finding ten in half an hour.

Rescuing a tiny toad.

Finding a monster of a dragonfly nymph in a gorgeous water lily pond.

Being serenaded by a wren – those tiny powerhouses.

And being shown the secrets of a local park in the evening by my brother, an evening which included a little owl, a hobby fly by, a drifting peregrine falcon, hissing barn owls and three kestrels including the juvenile pictured below.

Still plenty of June left to go and hopefully a lot more wild to be discovered.




I have always wanted one of those cute little sketchbooks full of lovely doodles and practice drawings but perfectionism always got in the way. Well, no more!

I bought a little sketchbook from an art shop a few months ago (I thought a small one with few pages would be a less intimidating way to start) and it’s slowly filling up. I drew this addition over the weekend.

It’s been a great way to encourage me to draw when I know I don’t have the time or the energy for a really detailed or time consuming piece. My hope is that it will encourage me to find more time for art, even if it’s not the big pen and ink pieces I would ideally love to be creating.