Bee orchids, southern marsh orchids and common spotted orchids.

Can’t get enough of them.



At last, time to draw! I was very nervous about putting colour to this as I really liked how it looked in black and white but you can’t do justice to a quetzal without committing to the green, blue and red.

Very happy with my new black pens, they certainly are waterproof. Absolutely no running when I applied the watercolour.

Must look at a better way of photographing the finished product – wasn’t enough good light this afternoon to do better than this phone shot.



In the sunshine, it seems to me that I can only capture the beauty of nature the way I wish to with photography.

I do need to carve out some time for another pen and ink drawing, and I’ve got ideas galore for my next story but haven’t had the chance to write many of them down. But for now, here is the photo that most accurately sums up the beauty of my day.



After a rough few days I really needed a dose of nature today, it was brief but so beautiful. Spring is the best!

I thought, in the spirit of the spring, I would put together a few of the best baby pics I’ve taken from the season so far.


Finding time for joy

Is there a greater feeling in life than connecting with joy? It doesn’t always work – you can put yourself in a place you love, with people you love, doing things you love – but joy has its own schedule. It is all about the pursuit and then the appreciation.

These are the moments I have experienced true joy today:

1. Seeing fledgling pied wagtails at the station on my way to work this morning.

2. Laughing with a colleague over something ridiculous.

3. Being outside over lunch and following butterflies trying to take their picture.

Each time the feeling of intense joy lasted for only a minute or so, but my god, those minutes are worth more than the hours and hours in between. And I got that butterfly picture!