Rainbow unicorn.

I want to draw a million of these.



Monsters of the deep

More colour practice, this time using a basic outline of a plesiosaur as a framework for some watercolour and ink experimentation. Pretty pleased with these, both with the result and the amount of fun I had creating them.

Plans in the works to make good use of the vivid and beautiful colours of the inks. I am definitely in a fantastical beasts kind of mood at the moment.


I love working in black and white, both the simplicity of it and the challenge, but I have long wanted to incorporate colour into my ink drawings.

Having never used coloured ink before I have been trying to let go of any expectation and just have fun with some experiments. I like how much more vivid the colour is compared to watercolour and I am attempting to get used to how quickly and freely you need to work (not something that comes easily to me at all).

I think I’ll try some precision colour work next and see what I can do.


The beginning

This small ocelot pen and ink drawing, completed back in 2012, was the result of months of rediscovery, experimentation, and curiousity. Could I still draw? Did I want to? Would drawing give me some hope when illness had taken so much joy from me?

Yes, yes, and yes.

As my creative journey continues, this is a place for the drawings, writing and other creations I wish to share with the world to live and hopefully spread a little joy of their own.